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You need a pump, or a valve for your process? But you are not sure which type or size is the best choice for you? We are proud to offer a wide-variety of products with proper calculation and sizing tailored to your needs and process conditions. With support of our engineering partners and reputable manufacturers, we are using modern software solutions for this purposes. 

turn Key solutions


Are you skid producer, or EPC contractor  with high demands for your projects? We can supply you with high quality products that helps you to reach your goals!





VArious equipment selection provides more opportunities

We offer only the best in equipment. From cardiovascular equipment to resistance and strength training tools, we have it all. All equipment is maintained and checked daily for wear and tear. The equipment and fitness areas are cleaned on a daily basis.

We invite you to come-in and try our equipment for yourself. Whether you are interested in going for a five-mile run on the treadmill or want to strengthen your core with free-weight exercises, you will find the perfect pristine exercise equipment waiting for you to use.